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My name is Paulie and I am a self-love, personal growth and spiritual content creator and powerful manifestor who travels the world inspiring others to create the life of their dreams 🌸✨

I dedicate my life to helping people remember their power, heal their hearts and create a reality that truly fulfills them. As a conscious creator from a very young age, I have manifested everything I've ever wanted. Travel, health, financial freedom, a beautiful relationship with my Twin Flame and so much more.

Now, I've made it my mission to provide those who seek this power with tools that will help them remember that they already possess it, for it is within them.

Thank you for being here, and welcome to your awakening!

our cosmic team

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Tameana and Akashic Records Energy Therapist

My mission is to walk by your side in your energy healing, with the tools that I make available to you, so that my reflection serves as a guide to illuminate your process. I invite you to take a leap of faith and listen to the voice inside you and allow me to accompany you in this awakening of consciousness and energy to be able to have a better life. 

Muriel, Terapeuta de Shantaena y mentora de manifestación.


Shantaena Energy Therapist and Manifestation Mentor

My mission is to expand the connection with magic and inner power. It is time to assume my mission of assistance to humanity, and give of myself what the universe and my teachers have guided me to share.

Hannah Terapeuta Psicológica.



My name is Hannah and I want to help you understand yourself better and heal the parts of you that call you to give them love and attention they deserve. Let me help you on your way back to you.

Pablo, Mentor Financiero.


Financial Advisor

I want to help you achieve financial freedom through tools and advice that will help you better understand how money works, how to manage it responsibly and how you can easily manifest it by doing what you like and being in alignment with your life purpose.

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