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Hi! My name is Paulie and I am a bilingual content creator, actress and model with experience in film, photography and multimedia production. 


My goal is to help our audience improve their relationship with themselves through the creation of authentic and meaningful content, and inspire them to lead a healthier lifestyle by exposing them to products, services, experiences, and establishments that inspire them to take care of their spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

I love to travel, and most of my own content is focused on motivating my audience to create a life that truly fulfills them by sharing my own experiences and offering a different perspective on how to truly enjoy being alive.

a sneak peak of my creations

My Therabox


Mojo Microdose


I offer my clients authentic and attractive content on a professional and organic level to help national and international brands to increase engagement on their social media, grow their online presence and attract more clients that align with their values.


Being an influencer with already almost 1 million organic followers on Tiktok, I know what kind of video and photography content works best and captures the attention of the right audience. With this knowledge and my expertise with social media and online marketing, I will create exquisite content that will take your brand to the next level.

I'm excited to be here and work with people who want to help make this world a better place!

professional videography

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Let's create together!

Thank you so much!

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