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Quantum Leap Meditation

Quantum Leap Meditation


A quantum leap occurs when we make the conscious or unconscious decision to change our reality. You possess the power to manifest the life of your dreams, and create the most wonderful reality you could wish for!


This meditation has been carefully created with the intention of assisting you in your process of jumping into your desired reality. In it, you will be lovingly guided to leave your current reality behind, and choose the reality you wish to be in safely and gently. It also includes subliminal messages that make this meditation even more powerful and effective. 


Allow yourself to take this opportunity to live a transcendental experience, and create the life of your dreams.


    This meditation has been created based on my own experience of quantum leaps, which have helped me manifest everything I could have wanted:travel, money, studies, couples and much, much more! 


    Keep a positive attitude, as although this meditation is very powerful, it is normal if it takes more than one try. Do not be discouraged, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, sometimes it just takes a little patience. 


    I suggest doing this meditation when you feel totally and absolutely prepared. This means that you do it from a mentality of abundance, in which you recognize your power as an absolute creator, and not one of scarcity, in which you are trying to escape from your current reality. Remember, gratitude is the source of abundance. 


    Finally, keep in mind that by jumping, you are taking full responsibility for the results you may achieve. Be careful, since after all, you are jumping from one reality to another, and the best way to guarantee a successful jump is to be centered, balanced, and in a true mindset of abundance, security, and gratitude. Your mind is much more powerful than you imagine, use it wisely.


    Thank you very much, and enjoy your new reality! 

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