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Life Energy Reading

by Paulie Dahl

This energetic reading is a wonderful opportunity to explore the deepest parts of your being. Through a complete scan of your aura and chakras, together with the wisdom of tarot and oracle cards, I offer you an intimate guide towards clarity in all facets of your life. This experience gives you the chance to unravel the truths that define you and will help you find the light you need to confidently move forward on your path.

🌸 Complete scan of all your chakras and how to balance them
🌸 Exploration of your past, inner child and shadow
🌸 Clarity about your present and what steps to take towards your desired future

Twin Flame Union.png

Manifest your Harmonious Twin Flame Union

by Paulie Dahl

This reading provides deep insight into the connection between you and your twin flame. I will guide you to identify if this person is truly your flame, providing clarity and certainty on your path. You will receive tools and techniques to heal separation and manifest harmonious union from within, allowing you to move forward on your spiritual journey with trust and unconditional love.

🔥  Twin flames explained and identified

🔥  Energy reading between you and your flame

🔥  Identification and healing of blocks towards union

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