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welcome to your awakening!

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Welcome to Our Cosmic Hearts by Paulie Dahl!

It is a real joy to have you here, and I want you to know that I am here to support you on this beautiful journey. Here you will find high vibration courses, guides, exercises, products and services, all channeled with the greatest intention of making you feel safe and loved, created to assist you.


I invite you to a resting place for your soul,

allow your desire to heal to envelop you and set you free.

Oracle The Awakening

Healing and Self Love Affirmations

This wonderful Oracle was created with a lot of love and care, with the purest intention of helping you on your healing path. Allow yourself to be guided by its fantastic illustrations, let its words help you in this process and launch yourself into this new adventure with faith in your highest good.

It includes 33 cards with self-love affirmations and a booklet explaining the meaning of each card and its message, as well as shadow work exercises, how to heal your inner child, spreads and much more!

We sincerely hope that all the love and effort we have put into it fill your days

with light, and that the magic and love with which it was created will help you to Awaken.

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